Rituals VR Experience

Retail Activation / VR / 360 Video / Social Media Campaign
Pair an ancient ritual with the most cutting edge technologies and show consumers how easy it can be to enjoy a soothing Hammam moment in their busy day to day lives.

In-store experience

The full experience was available at 35 stores worldwide. Consumers were prompted by specially trained staff to take a seat and put on the VR headset. When the VR video started, they found themselves fully immersed in an authentic Hammam setting (filmed in Marrakesh), and they could see first hand how to use the products from the Rituals Hammam collection.

Mobile VR

The VR video was also spread via Rituals Social Media, where it was integrated to work in the same way as in the VR headsets. Meaning you could move the phone around to reveal the full 360 setting, transporting you to the serene surrounding from the comfort of your chair.

Press play, take a
moment and enjoy
the experience

Tip: Use headphones for maximum relaxation and minimum colleague annoyance.