Crodino Re-introduction

Product Experience / Press Event / Digital Design / Content Creation
Italy, the sixties, the warm mediterranian sun and a perfect serve Crodino. Sounds like a picture perfect moment worth revisiting. We were tasked with bringing the experience to life and tell the story of a brand that has been on countless lips since 1964.

Heritage =
reason to buy.

A good story is always worth telling, especially if it spans several decades and has all the ingredients of a full feature film set in Italy. But in a media landscape where attention spans are on the decline, we felt we needed to find a new way to get the full experience across.

Let's take
them back.
In our very own time-machine.

A new digital home

To support the campaign, we designed and produced a new (responsive) site where consumers and retailers could find product information and get a sense of the heritage and story of the brand.