adidas LOOPS

Social Media Strategy / Content creation
In 2018 we developed a concept together with adidas Originals, aimed at creating relevant content for an increasingly female audience on Foot Locker social media channels. The concept was also to act as a platform for future exclusive product releases and should therefore be able to retain and maintain relevance for many years to come. adidas LOOPS is a new perspective on real street culture at its purest form, mixing raw realness with mesmerizing moving and still imagery.

Director: Kristian van Kuijk | Still photography: Patrick Kenawy | Production: CAKE

4 products

Each episode took its theme from the essence of the exclusive adidas Originals product which was at the core of the content.

4 perspectives

For each episode, the 4 selected influencers shared their own real and unscripted perspecive on the theme and the exclusive product, all set in their home city.

1 exclusive media partner

To maximize exposure and create media buzz, HYPEBAE was brought in as exclusive media partner. A bespoke microsite/advertorial acts as a central point where all content is collected and exposed in a visually and narratively impressive way.


In addition to the main video epsiodes, hundreds of shorter
clips and stills were spread via Foot Locker, HYPEBAE and
the influencers themselves to stimulate interaction and
maximise reach.


For all current & future content. (and us too of course ;)