adidas DEERUPT

Experience / Retail Activation / Digital Activation
March 2018 marked the launch of adidas Originals DEERUPT at Foot Locker stores across Europe and online. We teamed up with the brand to bring the experience to life across the border between analogue and digital. The launch kicked off with a 4 day event in Milan, Italy, where influencers and consumers were invited to Enter the Grid.
After receiving a coded bracelet at the store, the consumers entered the code into a custom made web application which directed them to the secret location. As they got closer to the destination, new content was unlocked and displayed on screen.

Exclusive Access

When arriving at the secret location, the coded bracelet was used to unlock the door to enter the experience area. 

3D scanner

Stepping into the experience meant entering the grid. A 3D scanner swiftly turned each visitor into a digital version of themselves.

Each visitor was turned
into a 3D projection.

The 3D scan of each visitor was turned into a floating projection.
These were sent to them via the dedicated microsite for sharing on social media.

Retail Campaign

DEERUPT took center stage with the support
of digital installations in 10 flagship stores in
key citites all over Europe.

LED box

Transparent LED product boxes displayed the DEERUPT shoe with overlaid moving imagery and animations.

3D hologram

Spinning holographic LED displays gave the DEERUPT content a whole new dimension.

Interactive windows

The DEERUPT digital windows stopped consumers in their tracks outside shopping windows to interact with the grid and product.

Digital Activation

An exclusive micro site brought the attention to
DEERUPT online during the campaign period.
Utilizing the latest technologies in facial tracking and WebGL, consumers could create 3D avatars of themselves and experience DEERUPT in a fully immersive way.

Responsive design

The site was designed and produced to look and feel indentical on both desktop and mobile devices for a seamless experience.