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Recht & Rond

This is a shout out to all ‘haute friture’ lovers. 

Recht & Rond is a new culinary (hand-crafted) croquettes & bitterballs brand from Amsterdam. Croquettes & bitterballs are the deep fried breadcrumbed meat balls that the Dutch love so much. Usually made out of questionable meat. Luckily Recht & Rond is here to change that; making culinary versions with fresh locally produced ingredients straight out of their own 'atelier du bal’. These delicious high quality treats come with four different seasoned ragouts inside, based on prawn, beef, veal, and blade steak!

We’ve created the contemporary identity, branding & packaging of ‘Recht & Rond’.  You will probably love them as much as we do. Bon Appetit !

  • Client: Recht & Rond
  • Project: Brand Identity & Packaging
  • Date: Q4 2015
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