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Who we are

Knock the dust off a consultancy firm, let the wind out of an overblown advertising agency, combine the two and you've got JAMJAM Marketing. Strategically sound, results focused and bursting with creativity.

We're a multinational team of creative and strategical marketeers with experience from a range of different commercial sectors. Our expertise lies in lifestyle and fashion marketing, but we're always up for having a fresh look at other sectors. We believe in straight talking and honest stories and prefer not thinking in single media segements. Online, offline, retail, tv, pr, outdoor; we combine them with eachother in a unique mix tailored to fit each specific client and campaign.

How we work

We like to keep things simple. We have one fixed rate for all our services and one untitled contact person who can be reached with one phonecall or email. Since we were once on the client side ourselves we know what really matters, which means we put our effort towards creating measurable and concrete results rather than filling our awards cabinet (which is impressively empty).

What we do

What we do
  • Identity & design
  • Positioning
  • Product- & market introductions
  • Benelux marketing strategies
  • Strategy development
  • Concept, creation & execution for:
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Retail campaigns
    • Digital campaigns
  • Translations of international campaigns
  • Mobile & Facebook apps
  • Social media management
  • Retail experiences & POS design
  • Events & guerilla activations
  • Content creation: video, games, copy